When you receive repeated complaints from clients or staff about a manager's interpersonal relationships, inability to make decisions, lack of organization skills, inability to develop and/or leverage team talent, or other behaviors that lead to lowered morale and productivity, what you may need is performance improvement coaching.

Eunice eases your concerns when you have a problem, have had failed attempts at correcting the problem, and may be running out of time or patience.

Process & Experience

A coaching engagement begins with a sponsor who needs a direct report (coaching client) to change a challenging behavior. Once we set clear goals, the sponsor articulates this intent to the coaching client, secures agreement to the proposed engagement, and is kept apprised of the coaching client's progress.

Eunice confidentially partners with each coaching client to explore internal and external forces that are affecting self-awareness, behavior, perceptions of others, and professional reputation.

Benefits & Outcomes

Clients who actively participate in their coaching program leave with:

  • ✔ Openness to blind spots for increased self-awareness
  • ✔ Heightened level of social awareness and inclusive behaviors
  • ✔ Increased sense of ownership to change and improvement
  • ✔ Enhanced listening skills and better ability to resolve conflict with an impartial, proactive mindset
  • ✔ More flexible approach to addressing people, problems, procedures, and environment
  • ✔ Truer connection to their role in your organization and increased work satisfaction
  • ✔ Stronger commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations


Each Performance Improvement Coaching Program is designed to meet the needs of the sponsor and the coaching client, and structured utilizing the following series of interactions:

  1. 1. Introductory Meeting with Coaching Client in Person
  2. 2. Tailored Coaching Sessions via Telephone
  3. 3. Onsite Shadowing (when required)
  4. 4. Mid-point Update with Sponsor via Telephone
  5. 5. Final Evaluation with Sponsor via Telephone

Below is a select list of key program options, all designed to improve staff relationships and productivity:


Coaching Focal Points Include:

  1. 1. Internalizing assessment results (e.g., DISC, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Social Styles)
  2. 2. Heightening self-awareness of non-verbal behaviors and their impact on others
  3. 3. Identifying and fulfilling role and contribution expectations
  4. 4. Adapting to workplace culture and environment
  5. 5. Developing time management, stress management, and organizational skills
  6. 6. Assessing specific performance gaps and developing strategies for attainment

MANAGER (3-6 Month Program)

Coaching Focal Points Include:

  1. 1. Internalizing assessment results (e.g., DISC, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Social Styles)
  2. 2. Increasing competence in foundational management skills
  3. 3. Strengthening direct report relationships
  4. 4. Managing up – Defining, accepting, and meeting manager’s expectations
  5. 5. Improving influencing skills with internal and external stakeholders (non-report relationships)
  6. 6. Leading resistant employees through change
  7. 7. Setting and managing priorities while structuring and organizing workload

EXECUTIVE (6-9 Month Program)

Coaching Focal Points Include:

  1. 1. Internalizing assessment results (e.g., DISC, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Social Styles)
  2. 2. Coaching direct reports on leadership
  3. 3. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for direct reports
  4. 4. Aligning priorities with departmental strategies
  5. 5. Driving change with vision, purpose, and patience
  6. 6. Applying advanced management and leadership skills
  7. 7. Managing Up – Defining, accepting, and meeting manager’s (sponsor’s) expectations
  8. 8. Managing anger, disappointment, and expectations; Increasing emotional intelligence


“Eunice brought me through a tumultuous time in my career. I was stressed out, angry, incapable of dealing with my boss. After 6 months working with her, I was able to show respect and better communicate. I was especially grateful for the strategies I learned to manage my managers and slow down to listen. With Eunice as my ‘work therapist,' I made a 180.”

- Sr. Scientific Director

“Even though I agreed to be coached, I was expecting a ‘wishy-washy’ experience. I’m a no-nonsense, get-it-done manager. I was surprised that the coaching helped me improve my unit’s structure, organization, and effectiveness. I get more done with less effort and time. Thanks, Eunice.”

- Manager, Administration/HR/Procurement

“I’m an analytical PhD and worked with Eunice to refine my people management skills. I especially liked the assessments that she used. I learned powerful things that I've been able to apply already. I'm gaining a new perspective on how people engage. As a result, I'm more accepting of other's behavior, so I can better respond.”

- Scientific Manager

“I can now look back and see how apathetic, angry, and resentful I was. I had deep conversations with Eunice about ageism, inter-generational values, and my own 'behaviors' that I couldn’t see on my own. Six months after working with Eunice, I’m physically healthier, mentally and spiritually brighter, and ‘brand new’ in my same position.”

- Manager, Community Engagement