How do you ensure that your managers and individual contributors stay motivated, productive, and aligned with your mission? Organizational Training.

Training is a strategic first step to increasing awareness, skills, and knowledge for improved performance.

Position your organization to achieve sustainable growth by introducing concepts and strategies to build competence in communication, interpersonal, organization, management, and leadership skills.

Process & Experience

Eunice begins with careful consultation to produce highly effective customized training programs. Eunice practices what she teaches: the art of asking questions — the right questions. From this deep dive, clarity regarding your staff's current skills, mindsets, and behaviors emerges.

Eunice utilizes career development theory to select the most appropriate training topics and methodologies, then designs materials to enhance the critical competencies your managers, first-line supervisors, and cross-functional staff need to deliver your business objectives.

If you're looking for a trainer who energizes an audience at every moment; a facilitator who does not rely on Power Point, but focuses on the learner; a subject matter expert who delivers material steeped in theory, yet practical and interactive so your participants gain the necessary skills and attitudes to succeed beyond the classroom; then your search is over!

Benefits & Outcomes

Working with Eunice through exploration, demonstration, and application strategies, your employees will walk away inspired to achieve and capable of delivering with:

  • ✔ Clear understanding of your organization's vision, mission and values
  • ✔ Deeper acceptance of organizational changes, including new leadership, growth, mergers, and acquisitions
  • ✔ Finely honed communication, interpersonal, organization, management, and leadership skills
  • ✔ Profound understanding of decision-making and conflict resolution techniques


Below is a select list of workshop options, all designed to reach, engage and stretch participants:


  • • Accountability That Works!
  • • Adapting to Workplace Change
  • • Communication Fundamentals
  • • Effective Listening
  • • Conflict Management
  • • Managing Time, Priorities, & Stress
  • • Customer Service Excellence
  • • Meeting Client Expectations
  • • Preventing Harassment
  • • Presentation Skills
  • • Receiving Feedback/Appraisals
  • • Professionalism


  • • Team Building with Social Styles
  • • Team Building Off-sites
  • • Team Functioning
  • • Valuing Team Diversity


  • • Leadership Distinction
  • • Leading Change
  • • Supervisory Skills
  • • Leading Better Meetings
  • • Structured Interviewing
  • • Vision, Mission, and Values Alignment
  • • Optimizing Your Staff
  • • Performance Management
  • • Advanced Coaching Skills for Continuity
  • • Mentoring Others


"Ms. Colmon is a trusted trainer for IAC, who has presented numerous leadership workshops to our membership. Her most recent presentation “Managing the Performance of Others” was met with unanimous approval by its attendees. Her, warm, engaging, and informative style strikes precisely the right balance for our audiences, and we are thrilled to have her as a resource."

- Ryan Garofalo, Associate Executive Director, InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities

“I contacted Eunice when my department was experiencing tremendous growth; five new managers and 20 new employees at the same time. She quickly prepared the managers that I hired to step into their roles with confidence. What they learned about managing people exceeded my expectations. We use Eunice whenever we need an update as we continue to grow.”

- Sr. Director, New Program Development, Government Agency

"Eunice is a complete professional package. Let me explain. As a nationwide provider of training and development services, the Graduate School, USA trains in excess of 150,000 government employees annually. For over ten years, Eunice has participated as a keynote speaker, a workshop presenter, and valued colleague. Participating in our Residential Seminar for the Administrative Professional, Eunice has been a repeat speaker and workshop presenter that our customers recognize and request. In addition to Eunice's prowess as a speaker and workshop presenter, she is easy to work with and a very reliable colleague meeting timeline requirements to ensure a successful program. Any event planner knows that you need reliable and dependable presenters that cooperate with logistics. Many say that they will meet deadlines, Eunice does! Eunice has the ability to reach men and women, young and old, in a variety of settings. Eunice is a beautiful person who presents well, thinks with excellence, and motivates any audience that she would be honored to share time with. To me, that is a complete professional package."

- John F. Peppard, Manager Development, Graduate School, USA

"Eunice was the best instructor I've had the chance to be with in all the leadership courses I've taken to date. She perfectly balanced the course material and all the other things that came up. Exceptional instructor!"

- Ross Henry, Federal Government Agency, Emitsburg, MD

"The training programs were received with great enthusiasm by our employees. Careful planning and great attention to our delivery needs delivered a 1st class product for us."

- Stella Belich, HR Director, Kuehne & Nagel, Inc. NA

"As one of the largest Housing Authorities in the United States, the Newark Housing Authority depends heavily on proper customer service and communication between its employees and housing residents. Ms. Eunice Colmon has provided our agency with an outstanding, fully comprehensive, customer service program, which greatly assisted our employees with tending to our tenants' various needs. Under the excellent instruction and direction of Ms. Colmon, our employees became better equipped to handle many of these situations while building positive relationships with our residents."

- Gerald Barro, Training Technician, Department of Personnel, NHA

"Planning for the staff training session was seamless. Eunice determined our needs through provocative questioning. Once clear objectives were defined, a tailor-made workshop was developed. She was very organized and systematic in her delivery. The material was attractive, easy to follow, and will serve as a resource long after the session. Her style is engaging and the fact that she enjoys what she's doing comes across. Our objectives were met, we learned a lot, and we had a good time in the process!"

- Lynn Drummond, Associate Director, Maryland Educational Opportunity Center

"Eunice provided a valuable, customized workshop for the 11th grade Upward Bound students. The workshop was a wake-up call to the students in understanding fundamentals in choosing a career path."

- Jackie Harris, Director, Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville